Strategic Acquisition Search

Capital A provides our clients with a top of the range Strategic Acquisition Search. 

What is a Strategic Acquisition Search?

When companies are looking to grow, they have to weigh whether they should focus on organic growth or look at making a strategic acquisition of another company. Defining your strategy before starting the search is key, are you looking to add to your turnover so you can win bigger contracts? Are you interested in gaining traction in a new market or vertical? There are many reasons why a business should acquire a competitor company.

Once we have defined the strategy together, we take the your strategic acquisition search criteria and perform a search of current off market opportunities using our industry network and team of analysts. We then contact and meet the principles in the business and assess if they would be interested in discussing an acquisition of their company, decide if there’s a culture fit for their organisation and perform some high level due diligence.

From the results of our research we produce a final list of businesses who are interested in talking to you. You choose the businesses you would like to meet, we set up the meetings.

Why is our strategic acquisition search service better than automated market reports?

These reports are bought by hundreds of competitors in the same market, the same companies are contacted over and over again causing enquiry fatigue with vendors. We uncover hidden gems that no one else knows of yet. Giving you a better opportunity to close a deal.

The Capital A for Acquisitions Methodology

Here is the A Team’s 10 Step Methodology to our strategic acquisition searches:

  1. Reach out to our extensive network of industry influencers and conduct research to find up to 100 businesses that fit your criteria

  2. Narrow search based on financial data and quality of information available

  3. Locate principal director’s contact details

  4. Contact to gage interest and arrange preliminary meeting

  5. Conduct meeting with principle for discovery discussion, light due diligence

  6. Present finalists to you

  7. You select suitable businesses for exploratory meeting

  8. Present deep dive report on final businesses

  9. Attend initial meetings with you as intermediary

  10. Present final meeting notes and handover to your team for legals and due diligence, whilst remaining available at all times to assist with negotiations, further intelligence gathering

Request Strategic Acquisition Search Service

We charge £750 per introduction and then 2.5% of the target’s valuation
(above £1m, 5% below).